Sunday, May 22, 2005

Car Parking Charges To Be Brought To Caldicot

The BBC website are reporting news from right out in the sticks, on the constituency's border with Monmouth.

Ghost town fears over car charges

We all tend to forget that Caldicot is part of the Newport East constituency. It is actually within the boundaries of the Tory run Monmouthshire County Council. Amazingly Caldicot, a place not known for its outspoken Welshness, has two Plaid Cymru councillors*, in addition to two Labour and one Independent. We've been told that whilst it was the Tories' idea to bring car-parking charges to the town, the two Plaid councillors voted for the charges despite speaking out against them at a previous council meeting.

If you wish to register your disapproval to your councillors, we have included a their email addresses below (I am sure they would just love to hear from you).

Cllr Ronald Stewart, Plaid Cymru (Caldicot Castle Ward);

Cllr David Ashwin, Plaid Cymru (Green Lane Ward);

Cllr Jim Higginson, Labour (Severn Ward);

Cllr Bill Edwards, Labour (Dewstow Ward);

Cllr James Harris, Independent (West End Ward).

If you would prefer to phone them then their full phone numbers can be found on here:

A Full List of Monmouthshire Councillors Can Be Found Here

*I always thought of Caldicot as being a very Anglicised part of Wales and a kind of run-down version of Chepstow, if you like, so if anyone would like to shed some light on how Plaid managed to gain two councillors at the last election please email me!


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Pride and belief in one's nation is not restricted to only the north and west, it can be found in every corner of Wales. Historically (in the middle ages), Gwent has contributed a lot to the Welsh culture and politics.

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